Plagiarism Everything you need to know


You commit plagiarism when you present or use someone else’s published or unpublished ideas or intellectual products as if they were your own new and original ideas, without acknowledging or crediting the source of your information.
Every student and researcher are exposed to the intellectual creations of other people on a daily basis. This includes all forms of written and visual texts, multimedia products, music, spoken texts and audio texts. For study and research purposes you are expected to incorporate this information into your own work and the writing of assignments and reports. It is essential that you always acknowledge the fact that you have used the ideas of another person in your work.
There are many ways to avoid committing plagiarism. Some of the most important are:
• Use your own work.
• Only use referenced word-for-word quotations.
• Do not just make cosmetic changes to source material.
• Use paraphrasing correctly.


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